Dampier and surrounds wildlife

Dampier and surrounds is home to an array of animal, marine and birdlife, including - but not limited to - kangaroos, bats, turtles, eagles, lizards and snakes.

There is a large local Kangaroo and Joey population which is particularly at risk due to their interactions with roads and vehicles. Drivers should exercise caution when using roads in and around Dampier, especially between dusk and dawn, as kangaroos are most active between these hours.

Sick and injured wildlife

Due to the increasing activity and expansion of towns, natural habitat is effected and wildlife is impacted every day. Locally based community organisation, Pilbara Wildlife Carers is committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native fauna throughout the Pilbara Region of Western Australia, giving many animals another chance at life.

Registered Rehabilitators respond to calls received through the mobile phone service 0438 924 842 when a sick, injured or orphaned animal is found. To find out more visit the Pilbara Wildlife Carers website at www.pwca.org.au.


The Pilbara region is home to more than 46 species of land and sea based snakes, many of which are venomous.

As Dampier experiences year-round high temperatures, it is possible to encounter snakes at any time of the year, but likely in the summer months.

You can help to minimise snake interactions around your home through preventative measures such as:

  • cleaning up shrubbery and weeds
  • cutting down bushes
  • clearing general rubble and debris around the home
  • cleaning up food sources such as bird seed, which attracts rodents and in turn, snakes.

If you do encounter a snake in your yard, keep a close eye on it from a distance and get animals and children inside.

You can also contact the following organisations to be put into contact with a local, licenced snake hander.

  • Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW): (08) 9474 9055
  • City of Karratha: (08) 9186 8555
  • Raving Critters Reptile Removalists: 0421 970 333 or 0458 443 386 or find out more on their Facebook page

Please remember to treat all wildlife with respect, Dampier is their home too!